where streets connect the sky

ZENTRIFUGE is the world spinning overtime - & one person trying to spinn alone - into A defined univers - out off control. We can't see no more; we are reduced to a dot, this one person is trying very hard - we can all see what an efford it is - how hard things get sometime - when you are out there - fighting on your own, against the rest - could bee so easy to make things simpler - just one step aside - outside!

Inside my iron coat - my sweet home - I stay private! I can't hear you... a street-performance by

ma xx
Cynthia Schwertsik performance . Jasmin Ladenhaufen video . Klaus Filip sound . Michael Ferdiny projection . Red White lights .


one person walking the streets - inside the zentrifuge - meeting people, disturbing or wondering...


sounds & visuals

The show is happening on a screen - behind the screen the performer is handling with her object & present on the screen through light / shadow. Video & slideprojektions are mixed from the front, all 4 parts of the performance react to eachother & create a new piece, everytime it is happening.
Also is every part of the performance picking up new inpuls from the location - for example the sound is feed by actuall radio (news), video from the surrounding splits in...
The Object is a very specific, it defines the minimal space for the performer, it is connected to a tincan, a wheel & a TV - this is hard to belive - you have to see for your self... Zentrifuge shows have taken place in: Vienna, Kopenhagen, New York, St.Petersburg, Zürich, so far...