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cynthia schwertsik
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cynthia schwertsik

born in Vienna, childhood in California, south England & south Sweden,
studies: textildesign in Salzburg, artwork in Graz, dance in Graz & Vienna,
started her artwork by performing in various dancecompanies & creating setdesigns & costumes,
now living in Vienna & Burgenland, painting & moving
1990-10-31 Max Schwertsik

2002 artwork for the jazzfeatival nickelsdorf, 19-21.july
starting an atelier in vienna - soho, with mara mattuschka
2000 exhibition, paintings & performance, Kosmos, Wien
1996 participation in the »Phönix« Network, Trans Europe Halles & »Labyrinth«, Copenhagen
1994 exhibition paintings & slideprojectionshow, Gallery WIST, Graz
1993 exhibition paintings, Gallery BabyK, Frankfurt

ma xx
is an artist-group doing steetwork & connecting outdoorspace with indoor art! Founded 1992.
mebers of ma xx: Jasmin Ladenhaufen, Red White, Klaus Filip, Michi Ferdiny, Cynthia & Max Schwertsik
1999 Art & go: WHITE WASHING & blackpaint by ma xx
1997 outdoor installation & indoor action, by ma xx, transwien, Café Carina, Vienna,
1995 videoperformance: zentrifuge
1992 BIG WASHING, Vienna, Frankfurt, Hungary, France

2002 name-shop Plan b. - projekts together with elke krasny
2001 LAST NAME, a text & foto installation with Elke Krasny
2000 KLEYLEHOF13, atelier & events, various artists:
1998 »99% Recycled Internet«, David Guez, Paris
1996 design for computer-LCD-server, Ars Elektronica Center, Linz
1995 installation: c7, Vienna Opera, Katalog
1987-1995various dance-theatre-productionsr